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Leave the dark out and let the light in!

While we were praying for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the nuclear emergency which threatens all of us popped up. As if all these were not enough, the countries started to attack each other. I sometimes wonder where this ‘hatred’ comes from. Why do people still fight? Why on earth are people killing each other? We are in 2011 (close to the Golden Age as some people mention). Aren’t we civilized yet?

I think the world needs us, the teachers today more than ever. We are the guides for the adults of the future and unfortunately we should do our best in this chaos while the world is going crazy.

I’m sure that you are aware of the difficulties of being a teacher. Teaching requires many qualifications such as being patient, understanding, creative, practical, tolerant and fair. You are a different kind of celebrity for them. No matter what you teach, you touch the lives of your students in a way. They track you with your behaviours, responses, approaches to them and even with your clothing and hair style.

Then why not taking this as an advantage! First of all, set a good example for your students. Then love them and let them feel that. Help them love people and lead them if they cannot do that.

We may not avert a catastrophe but we can change the future by bringing peace and love. It’s time to do something dear colleagues! Help our future by planting seeds of goodness. Leave the dark out and let the light in!

Catch the sparkle!
A picture of me painted by a student

A picture of me painted by a student

Some students and sometimes some classes are somehow difficult. You may not catch the sparkle at first or even later. You may find yourselves dealing with unkind behaviours and thoughtless words of the students in the middle of a present perfect exercise, then this may become the hardest time ever. The age of the students does not change the situation. They want to have fun and become the winner if they are arguing with you. What you should do first is not to lose your temper and stay calm. Accepting can turn everything into positive and that can help you to gain the student forever. Why?

Why not? Isn’t being a teacher like acting? You have to change your role many times. When it comes to a difficult student who always rolls up opposition, you should act like meditating and accept the student for who he / she is. Focus on the good points of that person and make him / her feel this. Believe in the magic of love and love your students. If they can really feel it, they can catch the sparkle, too…