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IATEFL 2012 is not over!

The official website of IATEFL 2012 provided us with the online access for the conference, gave the chance to join in the chats and feel the IATEFL spirit even when we were miles away.  The conference is over practically, but it is still on theoretically:) The videos of the interviews and some sessions are waiting for you to be viewed. You can also read the blog posts about these videos written by the Glasgow Online Registered Bloggers. As one of those bloggers, I’ve been mulling over the videos to write a post about. Finally, I made my decision on Adam Simpson and Sirin Soyoz’s interview. Their interview is about the story of “Blogathon” which means a lot to me, because I started my own blog after Blogathon 2011.

Once again “Blogathon” has opened new doors to many English teachers by giving an opportunity to enter the blogosphere. Receiving the golden award at the blog marathon, Adam became the roving reporter of IATEFL. Adam is talking about his “Blogathon” experience modestly and states that he has learnt a lot from the other participants. Adam mentions about his three aims throughout this marathon: To share the theory, practical teaching ideas and the life of an English teacher. Being involved in the same race, I believe he has done this very well by drawing our eyes to his great posts.

Sirin, from the British Council Turkey, gives information about the aims of the race, participants and the criteria. I’m sure their job was harder this year because of the number of the participants from 5 countries. Will there be a third round of the Blogathon next year? Well, watch the video and listen Sirin to find out:)

Reaching the other videos is a cookie for you. Just click the titles below and soak up the conference spirit:

All Interviews

All Video Sessions

I’m sure the conference website will maintain to be a valuable resource including countless new ideas. Thanks to the British Council and IATEFL team for making this happen.

Glasgow Online, A Click Away:)

“IATEFL”, a great big event held every year!

If you couldn’t make it, you still have a chance to be a part of it in the comfort of your home. Glasgow Online gives you the chance to watch some sessions live. You can also chat using the “LiveStream Chat” window and share your ideas during the live sessions. If you want to join in, do not forget to log in. The conference is starting tomorrow and the testing of the Live Channel has just finished. Many viewers (including me:) from different countries were there to give feedback on the testing and had a chance to chat as well.

Chatting while waiting for the testing of Glasgow Online video streaming

It was great to watch Rob Lewis and Andi White talking about the event and giving general information. It was so considerate of them to mention the names of the online viewers during testing.

Rob and Andi tweeting while waiting for the sound test

The conference will take place  between 19th March and 23rd March. Tomorrow is the big day! Looking forward to the plenary sessions online. Please keep in mind that the time given on the website is for Glasgow GMT. If you are in another country, be sure to check your local time. The live sessions will be available right after they are streamed, so you can watch them whenever you want. This year the British Council has invited the ELT bloggers to report on the conference by becoming a “Glasgow Online Registered Blogger”. You can check the list of these bloggers and follow their posts. I’m so happy to be a part of it. I will try to share my thoughts on the videos during the conference.

If you want to check the tweets about the conference, it is enough to type #iatefl in the search box. When you want to tweet about the conference, adding this hashtag will make your tweet visible and available for the other followers.

Twitter Updates on the conference

The Conference Programme

Online Sessions

Follow IATEFL on Twitter

Wishing all the speakers and presenters good luck and sending lots of energy to the conference team:)

Feeling so excited to be one of the Glasgow Online Registered Bloggers and looking forward to sharing more with you all. Are you ready to be a part of this wonderful event? It’s so easy to join in. Just a click away!

Stay tuned!