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Answer my questionnaire please! Fun is guaranteed! (Part 2)

If you have 5 or more ‘YES’ answers: You are a teacher.

If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 5: You are an extra – ordinarily creative (and maybe a little crazy like me) teacher.

If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 6: You are a teacher of the new generation and you try to use technology on all occasions.

If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 7: You are probably a language teacher.

If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 8: Good idea! Turn it down or have a rest! You have probably used group work or a class game in your class today.

If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 9: You probably spend a lot of time preparing for work on the computer. Don’t get stuck to it and give breaks. If you still have complaints, have some black tea (preferably tea bags) and put the warm tea bags on your eyes. (Don’t fall asleep with them on your eyes, they stain the sheets really badly:)

If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 10: Don’t worry. You just need to have a rest. Why don’t you try to spend your time with your loved ones? Resting is not only sleeping.

If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 11: You are about to become a burned out teacher. Find things to cheer up and come back to the ‘teaching’ life. Why don’t you share your feelings at a blog? You can get help from colleagues or experts.

Answer my questionnaire please! Fun is guaranteed! (Part 1)

Note down your answers please!

1.       Are you often warned by other people because you speak loudly, especially when you receive a call in the middle of a restaurant or when you are telling about an event ambitiously?

2.       Do you usually find yourself thinking about what to do at work for tomorrow?

3.       Do you sometimes warn the kids (even the ones you don’t know) in the street or in the park not to run or to be careful?

4.       Do you sometimes try hard not to go to the toilet and cause a 40 minute delay on purpose?

5.       Are you usually very excited when you come across every little object (such as a toy you have seen at the toy shop, a picture on a magazine or the box of biscuits) because you want to use them at work?

6.       Do cartoons, films or some websites inspire you about your plans at work?

7.       Do you use a lot of mimes, gestures or body language?

8.       Do you sometimes feel that you won’t stand on the noise and turn down the volume of the TV or the radio?

9.       Do you usually have headaches and ache in the eye?

10.   Do you sometimes lose your patience for your own children or family members at home (after a long work day)?

11.   Have you started to dislike people, reading, talking and listening for the last couple of months?

Now count your ‘YES’ answers and go to Part 2.