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TweetChat – For the very first time

I felt so excited when I received Sharon Turner’s e-mail inviting me to #ECLPSCHAT on Twitter. Sharon from Sabancı University was congratulating me for the Silver Award I received on ELT Blogathon 2011 and she was asking if I was interested in taking part in the virtual conference platform of Sabancı University to tell about 28 day experience of blogging during the competition.

My answer was of course ‘Yes’. As a person who has never experienced TweetChat, I was in such a silly panic that I asked Sharon the best (!) questions ever such as ‘Since I have a new account nobody is following me. Do you think that’s a problem?’ and ‘Will it be enough for me to be on Twitter?’. Dearest Sharon answered each question I asked with great patience.  Thanks to her and thanks to God I was ready on time. Actually before time:)

It was so nice to see the announcements on Twitter to remind the chat. When the chat started, all my panic left its place to a sweet joy. I could not understand how quick the time flew by. Nesrin and Solmaz, two other blogathoners, were there as well. Once again we shared and derived great pleasure from that. Here are some notes from the chat:

-          Blogathon was sometimes stressful. Especially the voting process.

-          The team of the British Council leading us was professional and successful.

-          It was a lifetime experience and it changed our lives.

-          The hardest was the word limit (250 words) in each post.

-          The space we were provided was only for the texts without any visuals or videos.

-          The gold award motivated all of us at first but later we focused on blogging itself.

-          Comments and supports from the other blogathoners kept us alive during 28 days of the competition.

-          Many of us have personal blogs now and that seems to be the real award.

Thanks to Sabancı University School of Languages for giving us an opportunity to share our experience. Starting a virtual conference platform is such a great idea that I want to congratulate the Conference Committee. I’m looking forward to the 2nd International Conference on Language Education of Sabancı University in June.