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Fantasies about the blogathon T-shirt

I think a special relationship emerged between me and the Blogathon t-shirt. The number on it is so familiar as if I’ve always had it.

‘120’ is so close to me now like my telephone number (probably an extension one because it is too short!) or my door number or an ID number. One of my students thought that the number on the t-shirt was my weight but I still love my number. And luckily she was just kidding.

Sometimes I dream myself running in it with a great enthusiasm or I hear someone calling me ‘Hey! 120!’. And sometimes I want to sign papers as ‘120’ or scratch a tree in the park  ‘120’.

The weirdest fantasy I’ve had is a speaker at a match speaking very fast saying ‘Yes, now 120 has just sent a new post but what? A comment is coming! 120 replies the comment and starts reading the other posts to comment. Blah blah blah’

My t-shirt and I are so happy. We eat together. We sleep together. We wake up together. We teach together. We go everywhere together. My dear 120 t-shirt! I love you! I love sharing knowledge and blogging on Blogathon. And dear bloggers I love you, too.

  1. Yes, now 120 has just sent a new post but what? A comment is coming! 120 replies the comment and starts reading the other posts to comment”

    This is very nice of you. Thank you for your cheerful and imaginative comment and feedback at the same time. :-)


  2. Funny post! I love it :-)

    I am thinking of having my own blog after the blogathon.. So that I keep on writing. But I am not sure if i will be able to :)

    So, I am enjoying and making the most of NOW! Great to be part of Blogathon and fellow bloggers :)

  3. We love you back!
    :-) CoffeeAddict

  4. Dear Sirin,

    Thank you for your sincere and nice comment.

    Oooh, by the way, it’s so nice to be calles as ’120′:))

  5. Hi Osman,

    Thank you. It’s great to make others smile:)

    I think I will do the same. I have already become a member of site giving a free blog but I haven’t started yet. I wonder if it is a good one or not because it seems to be limited. And as far as I understand the one which is free is for students. I’m really confused:(Maybe I should search more.

  6. Thank you CoffeeAddict:)

  7. Great post.

    I am glad that your T-shirt inspires you so much :)

  8. Thank you suzannem. Yes, it really does:)

  9. Merveeeee!! I totally believe that you are a very gifted person about your creativity!! :) And now I am giving you the next step- this is not a joke, by the way – please , prepare yourself to write children story books in English!!


    1. Dear Cigdem,
      I’m flattered by your coments. Thanks a million. That is one of my plans but I think I should not delay it anymore:))

  10. definitely funny the attachments we develop for certain numbers – as a young footballer I always wanted the number 2 shirt despite playing as a number 10, after the TV series, ‘The Prisoner’ I became obsessed with the number 6, and now, like you, I’m into the hundreds with a special affinity for 101 – so that would be my T-shirt. Enjoyed your post as I always do – your humour shines through….looking forward to the next one – take care, Merve

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. It’s nice to see someone with a funny number story:) I’m also glad you like my posts.

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