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Archive for May, 2012
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Being a part of the Blogosphere always makes me feel connected to the world. It is like to have a shiny aura (probably the most colourful one) surrounding me  by being in touch with other colleagues to learn from each other by sharing experiences. There are countless blogs that provide useful resources and give the [...]


I stepped into the blogosphere by joining in “Blogathon 2011” that took place on the TeachingEnglish website. Being involved in a blog marathon has been one of the best moves in my professional development. It was my first blogging experience, but I was so lucky to have met so many great colleagues ready to swap ideas [...]

me and my sweet mum

Preface: I want to dedicate this post to my dear mum. She is not a sportsperson. She is not running at the Olympics. She is not planning to use the ideas below as she is not an English teacher, but today is her birthday. I very much appreciate her understanding and support since I started [...]